Twin Flames – My Story/Perspective

As soon as we begin to take note of the world around us, everything changes. It depends on our attitudes at this point in time, how fast the changes happen. Are you stuck in a negative state of mind explaining or contemplating why things are not working out for you? Or are you in a calmer state of mind with the attitude “Oh, I get that fixed or done … somehow” – without contemplating or worrying about the outcome, at least with the expectation that it’ll all works out to your best? Well, if you are more drawn to the second type of being “congratulations!”

I got the instruction from source to write down my story from the starting point in order to help other Twin Flames and human beings in general because I never considered myself to the second type of being. The starting point in my case is my birth. I remember all the relevant events back to that day. Through meditation, I also saw what happened days before my birth and why I was born on March 13th, 1982 and not on March 11th. But later.

If you find yourself judging while you read, do yourself a favor and get rid of your ego! Do you feel triggered by my grammatical issues, feel free to correct me!

The first thing is; everyone – and I mean every human being agreed to this journey called life, the challenges and everything one’s going through in one’s lifetime before one came on Earth. The being choose the things it desires to experience, to learn through it and to ascend in this lifetime – ascending = Ego Death. Therefore, everyone has his own individual journey. All experiences and challenges one’s going through were set up in the known that one has the ability to overcome anything. So, whatever you are putting yourself into, it’s your choice to stay in it or to get out of it, because life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens FOR you.

With that said, whenever you are going through a crisis, know that everything is divinely orchestrated and guided and that you are on a safe journey. Everything happens for a reason, a higher purpose – yeah, literally everything. And yes, feel free to be reminded of Matrix, because it’s the truth though. It’s all planned even if we have free will to decide on our own, our spirit guides are guiding us to our awakening – that is the main purpose. We are not on planet Earth to “just” live our lives until we die. We are here to learn, ascend, share our knowledge, and give unconditional love. This wisdom needed thousands of years of destruction, pain, and suffering before it finally was accepted and is now able to shift the planet for a new world.

I’m going to share with you everything I learned and experienced on this journey to help as much as I can.

Most of the linked words are songs with lyrics which are describing the emotions very well.

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