Anita Heise, born March 13, 1982, is a Berlin-based actress, screenwriter, novelist, singer/songwriter and painter. The Artist did her first steps into arts at the age of nine. After the death of her sister in 1992, she wrote her first short stories, poems, and lyrics.

In 1996/97 she had her first vocal training in a school choir and took private lessons with teacher Stefan Kuechner, who supported her constantly until she left the school. He composed, arranged and produced her first song.
The Artist made her acting debut on stage at the age of fifteen in the school theatre.

Besides English, she studied the Italian and French language.

She played tennis, table-tennis, basketball, volleyball tournaments as well as bowling in her youth.

Heise worked as waitress and bartender for more than ten years in Berlin.

2004 – 2006 Vocal Coaching with Sascha Magister.

In 2006 she had her degree in graphics while she was already writing novels. Her debut novel was published in 2015. Until 2017 she published another two novels and had her film debut in the EPIX TV-Series ‘Berlin Station’ in 2016 as Extra.

In March 2017 she decided to break into acting and works constantly on the craft of acting after publishing her third novel. She studied acting with Kevin Spacey’s, Dustin Hoffman’s, Samuel L. Jackson’s, and Helen Mirren’s Masterclasses.

Early 2018 she worked with Acting Coach Ron Burrus, Voice Coach Alan Razzak, and took Natalie Portman’s as well as Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass.


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