The Synchronicities…

Alright, let’s do this, folks. My experience and truth about this point.

Today I know Synchronicities aren’t just numbers, the initials or seeing the name of your Twin Flame. They are following you from the beginning of your current lifetime. I don’t see his name very often, because it’s an unusual name.

The synchs of your higher selves… dreams, goals, likes, dislikes, hobbies

My counterpart is an actor and musician, that’s why I decided at the age of six or seven to become a singer and an actress in Hollywood too. At the age of 15, I played my first part in the school theatre. We both love films, especially action (as a kid I always played the cop, detective, but I also wanted to be an assassin and a cowboy – all masculine … hm). I grew up watching films every day, soaking them in, learning from it, enjoying and loving them.

He plays electric bass – I love the bass, both forms, and the guitar, tried to learn it by myself but my stamina at this point in time wasn’t good. I learned to play another instrument around 1991. Music plays a huge part in our lives – I began to sing as one year old, to write my own songs at the age of 15, sang and produced my first own song at the age of 16 around 1998.

We both practicing martial arts – a friend of mine was practicing it back in the days and still does as a pro now, who showed me the world of Bruce Lee and many other martial artists – I was ten years old. I loved to play Tekken, and today I learned martial arts by myself because I had the urge to do so in 2015.

We both love it to sit in the sun – for real, I’m a lizard when it comes down to the weather. My mom never understood my attitude.

We both drink coconut water – in 2015 I suddenly had the desire to drink tons of it – since up to now.

We both enjoy art – me as a painter, he as a supporter.

We’re both authors.

He loves motorcycles – I always wanted to learn it. A crash with a biker who didn’t move as I looked at him, keep me from doing it. I tried to ride a motorcycle at the age of 9 for the first time in my life. The wall wasn’t amused and the guy who owned the bike neither.

I disliked drugs instinctively – but I experienced my first cigarette and alcoholic drink at the age of 9 and 14 – our past addictions.

I never liked “authorities”, protected who needed to be protected even if they treated me bad.

We both play basketball. I play since 5th grade, and I always had a secret passion for baseball (I can’t say “don’t ask me why” anymore) – as movies too.

I have the ability to mirror other people, and their accents instantly.

We both enjoy Shakespeare, and I’m quite sure we would find way more as I know now.

The life synchs… events

My Mom left my dad as I was 8 and divorced because he was a choleric and tended to beat me and my ten years older brother whom I tried to protect fearlessly – uh, but I still love my dad even if I hated him in my youth.

He lost a loved one at the exact same day just a year after my sister died.

A past friend of my childhood and youth named her son after my counterpart in the late 90s, so he was placed around me.

We both experienced pregnancy in 1999. I was allowed to raise my child, he lost it on the day of birth one month after my child was born. Since then we experienced depression for a very long time – I should say, in my case consciously – prior to that, I was unconsciously depressive.

In 2006 he experienced the feeling of being ready for a family, as I started my own.

We both published in 2015 one book, it was my first and his second book, my second one was published in 2016.

In my case, to see the synchronicities of his initials began in 2006, what I just realized this year – and there is way more to write but I feel the urge to stop here.


Everything has had to be like this, otherwise, I wouldn’t have believed and trusted this journey. My whole life was a preparation which led me here. And today I don’t care anymore what people may think about me and my truth or about what’s possible or not. It is how it is!

His initials are placed around me as soon as I leave my living place. And graffiti sprayers placed his initials everywhere around my living place straight toward Berlin. So, spirit speaks, no, shouts out loud and clear to me. As we all know – the journey finds us, not reversed.

Spirit wouldn’t have had brought me here when this wasn’t true. It is – at least for me. And I am counting myself a lucky girl to have had the opportunity to feel at least one time in my life what true love is about.

Thank you, for awakening me, my love!

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