What if … No Union?

Does Spirit show or presents other opportunities/matches for you when you’re getting not into union? YES!

Spirit presented me more than one energetically match, with similar things we have in common, definitely the same work interest and related characteristics of the “original” counterpart. In my case, for instance: the same zodiac sign as my counterpart.

Honestly, I believe you’re tested how much you’re willing to renounce someone else for the love you have for your partner – no matter if Twin Flame or not! It’s another story if you have no choice because your Twin does not exist in the physical world!

What do I mean by willing to renounce? Everyone has at least one time in their life to deal with the physical attraction of someone else. I was willing to disclaim every other man in my last relationship, and I would have done it until I die when Spirit wouldn’t have pushed me into another direction. As I mentioned in one of a post before, I knew from the beginning of my relationship that he won’t stay on my side – so, I was kind of prepared. It’s destiny.

As long as you’re not sure to give up on anybody (so-called best friends included) and honestly anything for your true love, then I guess it’s not true love.

You have the choice, it’s your life and, yes, spirit taught us to be open and receptive. I am, though. We always have to decide in specific situations, in the future now.

Nevertheless, I won’t choose anyone else but my counterpart. I have enough experience to know, no one else is able to give me that kind of love. No one. Never ever!

I now found myself, balanced myself, found peace and harmony within myself. I did the work – healed, helped to heal my beloved, and vice versa, plus the collective – and will do it forever. Obviously, the inner and outer work never stops, just changes. And because of that, I’d rather choose me instead of anyone else. We have to put ourselves first, fill our own cup first, and love ourselves first. And yes, after 37 years of hard inner work I’m finally able to say I love myself! Yeahh…

I love myself enough to not give my power away to everyone anymore. I’m careful with which kind of people I surround myself now. And yes, I’d prefer to isolate myself, to protect my energy, rather than to have fun somewhere, just to have a man next to me.

You ask yourself perhaps, “Why not leaving the whole situation?”

It’s not possible. When you’re in it, you’re in it. You have felt and will feel your counterpart forever. Oh, and by the way, resistance is part of the ego-mind pattern and an issue to overcome. Damn, for sure.


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