The Twin Flame Purpose/Mission

Uh, yeah, that’s a quite difficult topic, in my case. Of course, I’ll tell my truth now. As everybody on this journey should know by now, all Twin Flames have a purpose and a mission here on earth, to fulfill and step into. That’s the first and most important thing you learn before you’ll get into union. And everyone has also a different mission! But for some of us, our counterpart is purpose and mission in one breath.

In my case, my purpose is true love. My counterpart, dreams and goals are connected with this love. What does that mean?

Well, first let me tell you, I decided to be an actress and a singer at the age of seven. Today I know, this decision was made because of his influence. Universe, Source, Spirit – however, you’d like to call it – influenced the choice of my path since my birth, and has left pointers for me, which I should connect with another at the right time.

For instance – and because it’s kind of amusing for me as well: I grew up in a Reseda street, and as the only family in that street in times of GDR, we had a handmade Hollywood Swing – this fact, placed with the deep desire plus the call to live in Los Angeles, supported my decision later … now guess what. At some point, back in 2018, I discovered a place called Reseda in Los Angeles, close to Hollywood. And as I drove by, during my time in LA, I felt instantly a connection. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

Second, it means, I neither will be able to use my talents or to thrive and reach my dreams/goals nor to fulfill my purpose, as long as my counterpart won’t choose me. Some of you may be saying “Twin Flames are meant or supposed to be together”. Um, yes, and yes, but that doesn’t mean we must have a relationship or come into union. Some counterparts decide themselves not to come forward and it’s okay too, possibly supposed to be this way. Perhaps it’ll trigger us, but that’s exactly what we have to overcome. Unconditional love, rather than to look at the outcome, to trust the universe.

Okay, my counterpart and I would be supposed to step into our mission as soon as we are together, and I also would step into my purpose simultaneously. Fine. That, by the way, is the main issue, I agreed to overcome this lifetime. To accept completely, maybe never to be able to use any of my talents to fulfill my purpose, dreams, step into my mission, and reach my goals, in case my counterpart won’t choose me. There’s another thing though. The universe didn’t allow me to start a regular job for years, and all ways to free myself financially in a big way are still blocked.

For me, it’s the hardest thing to overcome. Why? Because, even as Divine Feminine, I carry more masculine energies within me. I’m supposed to heal programs and conditions about being the one who is supposed to make money – for the collective and past lives. It sucks, I swear! Yeah, yeah, the masculines and the money – big issue. But it’s interesting though because I never was interested in it. I never cared about money. It is the point not to be able to move in any direction. I’m bound. I can’t escape, as men do as soon they’re bored, and like I did in the past.

I’m forced from Spirit to stay in one place, to accept the situation, to help others to find their way. And here’s the next big issue humans have in general – to stay in the moment of now, completely! As long as you stay in the now, neither looking back in the past nor thinking about the future, you’re able to overcome anything.

Perhaps that’s what I chose to experience this lifetime – to know my counterpart, as in past lives – but to be able to be completely happy without him, forever…

…to be continued in … Physical Separation/No Contact


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