Physical Separation

This perhaps is the hardest challenge to overcome besides the obsessions, addictions, purgings, and so on – to be separated. Even if you have been separated your whole life in the physical world, you immediately feel this strong pull, have the longing to be with your counterpart as soon as you’re awakened, ignited or whatever.

But we all have to go through it though.

Is it painful to feel deep love, the longing, the craving, the sexual wanting – of your counterpart and simultaneously to not know whether or not you will get into union? Yes! – You believe in it, you keep the faith, you’re strong and deep down you know – do you?

Does it hurt to have lucid dreams and visions, about him, your wedding, future pregnancy, kids, or to hear your spirit baby cry, even talk to you? Definitely!

Causes it a pain to not know which way to go, to let literally everything go without the known whether or not you’ll get to the place, Spirit prepared you for? Yes!

Is it painful the see the initials of your counterpart everywhere you go as soon as you step out of the door because Spirit placed them very well? Damn, yes, absolutely!

It’s also painful to give birth. It’s fucking painful to lose someone you love. It’s painful to have an illness or an accident too – painful but necessary for our growth. It’s required! We have to have faith, to trust our journey, to be happy anyways, and to enjoy life nevertheless. Some of us Twin Flames are at this point in time in permanent physical separation because their counterpart is not even born yet or died already. They have to overcome the issue of being together in the physical world at all.

Does it hurt to depend on another person because you don’t have your own cashflow? Fuck, yeah! The good news on the fact is manifold – you’ll going to lose a lot of weight as soon as you realize, you don’t need that much. More important, you definitely learn how to be much more grateful for anything you receive. You learn how to forgive yourself to not to be able to change the situation whatever you are doing. You also learn how to enjoy life nevertheless, to honor every little bit of love/kindness you receive from anyone – especially from your counterpart – and to honor what you already have in your life, including yourself.

I order to get to this place I first had to give up on literally anything – dreams, goals, desires, wishes, hopes, expectations, and last but not least my counterpart either. That hurt! A totally giving up on resistance – painful like hell, but … necessary!

You learn how to give rather than take, simultaneously you learn how to set boundaries – for instance: to not pay anything with your body because you think you have to because anyone helped you in some kind of way! If they want something back they’re not worth your unconditional love!

You also learn how to shift your focus from the 3D Matrix to the 5th dimension. You learn how to maneuver your vulnerable self through the Matrix. How to step back from negativity, to be able to stay in your full high vibrational power. It’s an incredible experience to get there. It’s a fantastic humming in your whole body – the vibration of pure love.

To be continued with the question … What if … No Union?



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