Conscious purging … WT…?

Where to begin …

The purging process that is triggered by our mirror soul is important to heal every core wound within ourselves, our own pain-body and the collective pain-body. The healing process depends on how much baggage we carry with us from past conditioning and it already begins in your childhood.

Not every human being is supposed to awaken in this lifetime, because of the fact that every soul chooses another way of experiencing life. Not every human being is a lightworker, an empath, or a Twin Flame. But most Twin Flames are lightworkers and empaths, and here on planet Earth to help to shift the world consciousness.

During the healing process every lightworker, empath, and Twin Flame is going through a Kundalini Awakening that helps to heal our chakra system and to find the balance between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves.

144 k … and the first wave of Twin Flames

I found out that there are 144 k lightworkers, the Twin Flame collective included, who are supposed to go through this journey consciously, that we are able to connect all dots back to our early childhood to be able to heal any conditions build from the Ego mind once we are awakened to this journey. Because of the fact that we are going through all this suffering consciously, we are able to share our truth, to shift the energies. And the bold truth is, to become alive and live in the now moment, always. That awareness brings a shift of thinking and how we are supposed to live here on Earth, how we should treat every being, and the planet, to survive.

So, there is no coincidence that so many people are sharing stories about their awakening, and how to live a better life in making your dreams come true. So, you ask why? Easy. Everyone has his own experience, therefore everyone resonates with another story.

The label “Twin Flame” is maybe kind of new, but the concept behind isn’t it. In fact, the idea of the mirror souls is older as Jesus. Here is the reason why it’s coming up so strong in the last years.

Before this wave of 144 k Twin Flames, all the others haven’t connected the dots fully between all their experiences and the reason behind it, haven’t even get rid of the Ego mind completely. They still carry some conditioned patterns. We instead have to face consciously our darkest sides, fears, patterns, attitudes to reach the essence of our soul to be childlike again and pure to bring Heaven on Earth, to learn and experience life fearlessly, without judgment as everyone on Earth is supposed to do so.

I always wondered about the part that I was able to reflect and understand past experiences, even the fact that I was able to forgive all the guys who didn’t treat me well, to learn out of it and to make it better. There was my counterpart who told me that it’s okay to forgive them. And every time I tried to commit suicide he also told me to just move on even when it hurts. His words “Life has so much more to give!” gave me the strength to move on. His energy was around me my whole life through. He whispered in the back of my head that this kind of love I was seeking, strongly missing and chasing, since the early stages of my childhood, is somewhere out there and seeking me too. And I know too why I already experienced this strong feeling to be in the wrong place at the wrong time at the age of 4.

Twin Flames are never separated. We are always connected, and we have all intentions, dreams, goals, the things we love, and hobbies mostly in common. My counterpart loves me, even if he doesn’t know who I am in the physical world, but he was seeking me his entire life, and vice versa. This is called true love and worth all pain.

Now, that I figured it all out I’m able to help, to share my unconditional love and healing energies through my body of work and conscious actions.



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