Anita Heise

Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Novelist, Screenwriter and Painter

The Artist

Active. Attentive. Creative. Curious. Engaged. Experienced. Grateful. Impressive. Interested. Multi Talented. Passionate. Practical. Smart. Strong.



“Dreams without goals are just dreams.”

– Denzel Washington


Every artist has his story. Every artist has his reason and own time to step out into the world. Every true artist just wants to give back what he loves most:



It’s the way we’re doing the things we love. The way we treat humanity: without judgement, with kindness, acceptance, but most of all, with love.

To live in the now in every moment, to be true to yourself and others, to work with stillness and create something out of it with joy and freedom, is the greatest challenge an artist, a human, has to deal with.